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diet coke addict

Trying to give up diet coke/pepsi is proving to be somewhat tricky. In the last three days I have consumes 4 litres which isn't as much as I have been known to indulge in but is still a crap attempt at giving up. I've tried tea, coffee, green tea, white tea, juice but NOTHING compares to a lovely sip of the old D.C
Not only is it ruining my sleeping pattern by keeping me awake in a caffeine fuelled state of insanity but it also costs me about £10 a week which, as a student, I cannot afford. Man, this is embarrassing. Who ever heard of such a lame addiction?   DIET COKE RUINS LIVES.

Note to self...

... Do not ever assume that, while it might be boiling hot at 11:30am when you leave for uni. it will still be nice and hot when you walk home at 3pm. Especially in spring. And definitely not whilst in Scarborough. I went out today in a  blue dress and over-sized blue men's shirt with, and this was my mistake, no tights. It was freezing on the way home. And also, why does not wearing tights mean that EVERY man I passed either muttered something vile at me or gave me a leering look? I'm not the hottest, skinniest or most tanned girl in the world and this is an outfit I wear often (but with tights) so I'm confused. I didn't realise the bare legged look was such a man pleaser.


After I spent 9-5 yesterday throwing up my guts due to slightly over doing the punch the night before I am detoxing. No alcohol or anything like that for me. I want to do a 3 day juice fast but apaz you have to "prepare" for that which I don't have the time or money for right now. I've never done a detox before and I don't exactly know what I'm doing but I'm sure I will figure it out.


I am bored. I'm so effing bored. I hate Saturday night radio. I'm too broke to go out. There is nothing left for me to do, I've washed up, done laundry, hoovered, cleaned the bathroom, cleaned my entire room, had dinner, done my hair and moisturised. Sometimes I really wish I had a TV.
Today I did a whole lot of shopping for Valentines day, got the bf some nice things like this weird hat which is shaped like an owl and a couple DVDs. He's coming all the way here on Monday I'm a bit too excited. I also got some weird chutney stuff from an organic shop I stumbled across when I was looking for a tattoo shop the other day.
Oh yeah, the story of my tattoo. I was drunk on holiday which seemed like the perfect time to get a tattoo... errr anyway it was all fine and dandy until it finally healed and I realised it was really really shit. I got the outline of a heart somewhere near my hip which had some weird smudge/scar thing on one edge. Not pretty. It wasn't where I wanted it either. It's actually closer to my vagina than my hip which my boy friend likes but I do not. So last week my friends Ben and Hannah who live in the same student house as me were going on a mission to get pierced. I couldn't think of a much better time to "fix up" my tattoo, so I did. The guy was really nice, bald, and chatty and he made me laugh a lot which I'm not sure is the best thing when you're tattooing some one but whatever. The whole thing had to be made bigger and filled in black which is a real shame. I wish I could have just had the outline like I originally wanted. Coulda, shoulda, woulda. No matter what anyone says tattoos really fucking hurt. Anyone who says other wise is lying to you. The first time I was all drunk and didn't really notice the pain but this time it hurt like billio. And it's really bruised and painful because it bled an unholy amount for some reason so I haven't been able to get to the gym which makes me feel really chubs this week. The moral of the story is: Don't get stupid, drunken tattoos abroad. It will all end in tears.

Drinking coffee in bed

Myself and my amazing gay friend Luis. Must have been a while ago because I still look a bit tanned from my Holiday. You might not know this ,but rather than going somewhere tranquil or historically relevant, we brits prefer to go to other countries and get wasted. We are known for it. In fact, there are several television programs about it.

Our first day in Magaluf

me and rosie looking bikini fresh and trying to hide from the sun

Me on a wall near a tree...I can't really explain.

Jus' catchin' some rays.

Daniella, Rosie and Misha  being "macho". Nothing I can really say to defend this one.

My poodle hair flowing wild and free.

Amelia, Rochelle and I with our faces paint.

I would say this will be the last of pictures which are getting on a bit and fast becoming irrelevant but it might be a lie... in fact  I know it's a lie.
I have to go and do some boring shit now, like showering, uni and potentially getting my atrocious tattoo fixed up l8r BAI BAI

I guess it's been a while

Here are some photos of me and my friends acting like dicks.
preparing an unusual thanks giving. we aren't american but any excuse for a nice roast

Thanks Giving prep. We aren't all American but the girl in the glasses is and was feeling home sick so we did it for her. A day early but... shhh

Pariss abusing Hannah on Fireworks Night at Scarborough beach.

Me looking ridiculously pleased with myself with Hannah and some girl who was with us.

When it snowed and I went to York in a god damn blizzard

The same snowy day

My delicious boy friend being silly in September some time.

My friend Maz and I looking pretty awful at a festival 2010

Me looking really hot and sexy having just fallen in a puddle

the love of my life after he finally came back from Croatia in the summer <3

More horrible photos of me coming soon plus some fisheye ones from my film camera!!!


Having a bad week.
Last week was amazing because my boyfriend came to visit me then we travelled back to London and i hung out with him and my family for four days which was nice. I got to see my baby half brother who is so cute and beautiful, they grow so fast!! I can't believe he's one already it's mental.
When I came back here I was really miserable as per. because I miss my boyfriend a hideous amount while I'm away from him :(. Then my blackberry stopped working and when i sent it off they said it's water damaged and beyond repair which is fucking ridiculous and NOT THE CASE. So I'm mad about that because i loved that phone and i then had to talk to the  guys at Orange about changing my contract etc etc very annoying.
When I went to uni they told me i have a 2000 word due on Monday 22nd which I didn't know about and I don't know anything about what I have to write about. So these past few days have had me pinned to the desk learning-as-I-write about Old English, HEADACHE. I'm nearly finished now but I don't think I'm going to pass with flying colours or anything.
Te worst part was when I innocently went to the shops to get iD magazine to cheer myself up. I was just flicking through at first, looking at the pictures and so on, when i saw an article which caught my attention. It was about a gil I recognised from my days hanging about in Camden whiling away the hours that are oh so available when you're 14/15. It was Billie JD Porter. We used to hang out in the same group way back when, she is a year younger than me and she has been featured as some young up-and-coming-journalist or something. I was gutted, It's like she's living the life I want!! And that made me feel like a bit failure because it turns out she's being doing it since she was 14, I'm 19 and the only articles I've written are for competitions to win an intern-ship which i NEVER win of course.

aaaah Bisto.

I have had a brilliant, excellent and all round super day. Not only was it productive but I also got myself a treat.
I woke up early(ish) even though I had no uni today to do a bit more on my Key Skills Assessment. Then I went to the gym which almost killed me because I'm so so so unfit!!! But yeah,I felt good after and I'm going to make an effort to go a lot more. I'm starting a diet tomorrow because I'm sure I've gained like a stone (14 lb for all you Americans) since I came to uni, I wouldn't say I'm fat but I'm certainly getting there.

The best bit is that I just ordered a lurrrvly fisheye camera :)

I've wanted one for ages and ages and ages and ages. Finally I will be the proud owner of a fisheye camera and take some super fucked-up distorted photos. YESSSSSSSS GOAAAL.

University Life

I seem to spend a large percentage of my time in bed but it doesn't feel like a long time to me, perhaps it's because every time I post I'm in beddy byes all snuggly and warm. You see, it's very very cold up north.
I'm suddenly very concerned that my so called "boy friend" isn't responding to my messages. Long distance relationships are so HARD. I never knew it  would be so depressing. I'm sure he has a good reason, he is a very reliable sort of person, and obviously I'll forgive him straight away because I love the idiot.

Anyways; I am going to join the gym on Wednesday. Very long over due, university life has turned me into a lazy lump who never moves and eats nothing but cheesey chips. Also today me and my buddies Lewis and Matty from my house/English group are going to begin our "key skills assessment" which is due on the 8th.I should have probably started before... maybe last week would have been good, but I've been experiencing writers block and I can't think of an author to criticise. 

I am still having trouble removing the fake blood from my face and have got this annoying dry-upper-lip thing going on - attractive. Hopefully my trusty simple face wash with work it's magic before I am forced to go to uni tomorrow. On the plus side, our halloween party was , as they say, bangin'. I looked actually awful, it was amazing. Unfortunately I had a tad too much to drink, not good. I can be and aggressive drunk, though thankfully not often, but that night my angry side came out. Fucking funny though. I love being 19, I never want to grow up.

So sleepy

Yesterday my blackberry went completely insane and started dialing by itself and it couldn't get a signal etc. etc. I am so annoyed this will be my forth blackberry that's fucked up this year. So anyway I am using this old phone which is quite cute in it's own wacky way but the time is wrong and it's so old that I don't know how to change it. This morning I woke up and checked the time on the golden oldie phone which said 11:33 so I got up, showered etc. That must have been at least two hours ago but when I look at the clock on my laptop it currently ready 11:52," how can this be?" I thought to myself before it dawned on me that my phone clock is wrong and I have woken up at about 9am FOR NO REASON. Very annoying.
But there is a silver lining to every cloud. In that time I made a new community (out of sheer boredom) which, hopefully if the link works, you can find here http://community.livejournal.com/longerhair/
I've been trying to grow my hair for what feels like forever but is actually only 2 years (he he he). Hopefully people will join soon...
It feels a bit lonely having no lj friends to comment on their little posts and such. Sad times.